Wed, Aug 23, 2023

CIT Ensures Safety, Efficiency of Balite’s Soya Milk Extractor

The College of Industrial Technology College Extension Department Head Prof. Erwin Sibal along with Prof. Ray Vincent Sarabia have provided a technical consultancy with the Balite Women’s Group of Pura, Tarlac for their Soya Milk Extractor, August 23, 2023.
by Mr. Roberto D. Santiago Jr   – CIT News  |  2023 Projects


The Soya Milk Extractor was initially donated by the Local Government of Pura, Tarlac in support of their livelihood program prompting the extension service that has necessitated the assistance of the faculty experts in evaluating the optimal functionality and safety of the equipment.

Prof. Sibal and Prof. Sarabia conducted a comprehensive observation and analysis of the machine's performance in operation, meticulously examining each part and its mechanism. Their inspection also extended to the platform supporting the equipment, the installed power outlet for the machine's plug, and its electrical components. 

Additionally, the women’s group received basic knowledge on the safe operation of the machine. At the end of the activity, they were able to give their assessments, suggestions and recommendations for effective and efficient utilization of the Soya Milk Extractor. Furthermore, this not only proves beneficial by preventing major repairs or equipment failure but also contributes to the continuous improvement of participants in their soya milk production.