Goals & Objectives



The OUES strives for the continual improvement of the university's extension management system towards contributing to the improvement of the quality of life.


The OUES aims to attain the following objectives every year:

a. Monitor and report annual university targets on extension every quarter.
b. Evaluate and process all (100%) extension project proposals submitted by various
c. Monitor, evaluate and report the implementation of all extension projects and activities of
various colleges.
d. Maintain updated information and data on the Project Monitoring and Evaluation Reporting
System of the Office.
e. Disseminate extension targets and accomplishments, policies, feedbacks, and observations to all interested parties on time
f. Implement the planned capacity building activities for extension chairpersons and
extension service providers.
g. Submit all reportorial documents required by internal and external interested parties
within the prescribed timeline.
h. Obtain a customer satisfaction rating of at least 2.5. or very satisfactory
i. Review and update policies, guidelines, and processes towards the continual improvement of
the operation of the office at least once a year or as needed.