Tue, Sep 19, 2023

OUES capacitates Technical, Project-based Staff on Journalism

Highlighting the important role of the College Extension Technical and Project-Based Staff on the reportage of extension undertakings of the University, the Office of University Extension Services through the Technology and Knowledge Management Department (TKMD) held its first Capacity Building on Journalism, September 19, 2023.
by Jhian Chrissie A-lea-son G. Padilla, Jhayvi C. Dizon   – 2023 Activities  |  2022 News  |  2023 TKMD


Covering three journalism areas, namely: News Writing, Development Communication Writing, and Photojournalism, the participants underwent a series of talks, discussions, and workshop enhancing not just their writing skills but moreso on their capabilities to capture the human-aspect of their narratives.

“’Wag kayong magsasawang suportahan ang inyong mga Faculty Expert Service Providers. This was a timely and relevant initiative of the TKMD that for the first time, may na-organize na capacity-building activity aimed to enhance your writing skills. And we are looking forward that you get to capture the stories of service and hope during various extension activities,” Engr. Emir Lenard SF. Sicangco, OUES OIC-director, highlighted during his opening remarks.

The morning session of the training featured two pivotal talks about writing. The first talk, "News and Headline Writing," was conducted by Sir Jhayvi C. Dizon, the Head of TKMD. This session focused on emphasizing the importance of writing news headlines and the structure of news articles.

Succeeding this, Ms. Jhian Padilla, technical staff of TKMD for Publications, delved into "Development Communication Writing." Her talk provided insights into the structure of development communication articles, emphasizing the need for effective storytelling and engaging content to convey crucial messages to diverse audiences.

In the afternoon, the training shifted its focus to the visual aspect of journalism with a talk on "Photojournalism." This session, led by Mr. Denzell Jeth Buena, another technical staff of TKMD for Production, highlighted the significance of camera composition, angles, and lighting in capturing impactful images that tell a story.

With the successful conduct of the aforesaid event, the OUES looks forward to seeing the positive impact of these newly acquired skills in future publications and reports