Sat, Oct 14, 2023

AB Psych administers Guidance, Psychological Testing Program in OLPCS

In a proactive move to support individuals navigating personal and academic growth, the AB Psychology Department at Tarlac State University-College of Arts and Social Sciences initiated a Guidance and Psychological Testing Program at Our Lady of Peace College Seminary (OLPCS) on October 14, 2023.
by Ms. Mary Joy R. Facun and Ms. Carmela Jane Paragas   – CASS News  |  2023 Projects


The psychological and socioemotional facets of formation are the main emphasis of the Guidance and Testing Program. By engaging in extensive and evolving forms of contact, interventions, programs, activities, testing, counseling, interviews, and referrals, the program actively accompanied students in navigating their paths of personal, social, academic, and vocational development. Its overarching objective is to furnish pupils with practical self-awareness, empowering them to effectively handle life's myriad possibilities, challenges, and decisions.

On September 10, 2023, Dr. Editha Villavicencio led the TSU Psychology Department in conducting an orientation, outlining the plans for the Guidance Program and Psychological Testing for the seminarians. A needs assessment was administered to gauge the seminarians' requirements, forming the basis for the department's monthly homeroom guidance program provided by the guidance program provider. Additionally, seminarians showcased their talents in response to games and activities prepared by the department.

Furthermore, Dr. Editha Q. Villavicencio, Ms. Angela Christinne V. Pangilinan, Ms. Jazmin Joy E. Dizon, Ms. Mary Joy R. Facun, and Ms. Maria Mei Fatima S. Terania will collectively provide comprehensive guidance and testing services, including psychological testing, assessment, and guidance, to assist individuals gain insights into their cognitive abilities, personality traits, and emotional well-being. The Department's objective is to comprehend their psychological profile and guide them in making informed decisions while effectively addressing potential challenges.