Trainings & Consultancy Offered


Possible Extension Services

College of Engineering and Technology

Shielded Metal Arc Welding; Electrical Installation and Maintenance; Automotive Electrical Wiring; Light Engine Repair; Production Facility Layouting; Preparation of Master Drainage Plan

College of Science


Nutritive Value Computation; Interpretation of Physico-Chemical & Microbiological Analysis; Training on Writing an Action Research; Teenage Pregnancy and HIV; Personnel Hygiene and Sanitation

College of Computer Studies

Training in MS Office (Word, Excel & Powerpoint, etc..); Consultancy on Website/Web-Based System; Consultancy in Software Design; Website Development; HRM Database Filing Management System; Programming Essentials Course

College of Arts and Social Sciences

Photo and Video Editing; Campus Journalism; Effective Writing; Guidance and Counseling Program; Consultancy on the Development of Information Communication Materials

College of Business and Accountancy

Bookkeeping and Accounting; Marketing and Entrepreneurship; Consultancy and assistance on Creation of Advertising Plan; Soap, Detergent & Perfume Making; Candle Making

College of Public Administration and Governance

Leadership and Good Governance; Disaster Management

College of Architecture and Fine Arts

Mural Painting; Consultancy in Architectural Design

College of Teacher Education


English Language Proficiency Program; Webinar on Making Instructional Materials; Coaching and Training in Basketball;  Instructional Planning and E-module Making; Food Processing; Commercial Cooking; Handicraft Making

College of Criminal Justice Education

Seminar on Anti-Bullying ; Latest Trends in the Criminology Profession w/ RA 11131; Different Laws Relating to Children; Philippine Criminal Justice System; Drug Education

Gender and Development Office

Seminar on Gender Sensitivity; Gender and Development Webinar; Gender - Responsive Education

Food Technology and Research Center

Seminar on Food Safety; Good Manufacturing Practice; FDA Requirements for License To Operate (LTO) Application of Food Establishments; Preparation of Food Safety Manuals

Technology Development, Transfer and Commercialization Office

 Trademark Registration Application Assistance; Copyright Deposit Registration